Attention craft lovers!
Do you also like to have your favourite hobby materials close at hand? Do you also find it so enjoyable, all those supplies on your craft table? And like me, do you also prefer not to constantly have to tidy them up?
Then I have something great for you: the Carrousel!
Six compartments for storing your favourite pens, pencils and brushes.
Done with a colour? Spin it around for the next one!
This super fun Carrousel does not take up much space on your desk or work table.
Of course, it can also be used to store other items.

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- Made of durable, recycled wood that you can alter to your taste
- You get a flat DIY package in your mailbox
- The manual is completely dummy-proof
- You leave screws and nails in your toolbox; you only take out the glue
- Easy-peasy to assemble; if you do it right, your Carrousel has 6 spacious compartments
- Does not take up much room, because the diameter is 20 cm
- Is your favorite color on the other side? Spin it around!
- Designed and made in our own studio @Art-Cademy
- Tip: you can order several Carrousels at once. Handy for sorting your pencils and markers and brushes.

Note: the materials in the Carrousel in the pictures and glue are not included.